Public Law

KLA’ s Public Law department provides assessment for clients whose activities are impacted by administrative and regulatory law and by the actions of public entities, including any relations with such entities, encompassing executing agreements, partnerships and commercial contracts originated from public procurement and exemption and non-requirement of public bid. Furthermore, the Public Law team represents the clients in administrative and judicial litigation with the Administration at any governmental level, with emphasis in Civil investigation Proceedings proposed by Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Class Actions, such as Administrative Improbity Action.


> Consultancy and assessment for the participation on tender procedures.

> Assessment and negotiations involving public contracts.

> Assistance in administrative and judicial litigations involving Public Law matters.

> Support in the management of administrative contracts and other public agreements, such concession agreements, terms of permission and authorizations granted by public entities.

> Assistance in the structuring of infrastructure projects, acting along with other strategic areas.

>Drafting association contracts (joint ventures), shareholders’ agreements and incorporation of Special Purpose Entities (SPE’s) and consortia, within the scope of infrastructure projects.

> Strategic analysis of public law rules at the federal, state and municipal levels, focusing on the activities carried out by the clients, to verify potential impacts on their activity, identification of noncompliance and risk assessment and mitigation.

> Assistance in the analysis of all regulations passed by Brazilian regulatory agencies and rules established by international entities.

> Legal opinions on Public law matters.

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