KLA has a team of business-oriented lawyers experienced in advising clients not only in the legal aspects of a contract, but also in the commercial issues that may impact the commercial relationship. Our team is highly specialized and provides efficient and advises clients nationally and internationally, on all key elements and aspects of their contractual and business relationships.  To ensure the best outcome we take an interdisciplinary approach in the process of defining contractual structures appropriate to the individual demands of our clients.


> Draft of due diligence reports relating to contracts

 >Draft, review, negotiate and conclude strategic contracts related to the client’s core business

> Adaptation of contracts containing elements of foreign law to the local laws

> Draft, review and standardize model contact forms of routine contracts

> Definition of strategies for the termination or renegotiation of contracts

> Develop contract policies (required approvals, approval mechanisms etc.)

> Facilitate contract management, including electronic registration and storage, notifications with respect to relevant events and presentation of documents, as well as other required standard procedures established by the client

> Draft of legal opinions on contractual matters

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