Environmental Law

KLA’s environmental law team represents and advises clients from a wide spectrum of sectors and activities, with specific focus on industries, real estate business, agribusiness, mining and infrastructure.

Legal analyses held by our environmental law team consider the strategic aspect of environmental matters for Brazilian and international companies, including environmental compliance, potential issues related to contaminated areas and sustainability indexes that have been frequently used as a reference for investors.

In addition to environmental legal due diligences, which includes the corresponding risk analysis on various environmental obligations, KLA Environmental Team provides strategic advice in the negotiation of Conduct Adjustment Terms and other judicial or extrajudicial agreements between entrepreneurs and the Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Environmental Agencies throughout the national territory, including in the context of environmental disasters. KLA also works with issues related to the use of water resources, reverse logistics and solid waste, controlled products, fauna management and biodiversity conservation for its clients, both in the preventive aspect and in the sanctioning administrative processes.


> Environmental licensing for real estate business, agribusiness, industry, mining and infrastructure project.

> Legal Due Diligence applied to rural and urban real properties and business activities in general (e.g., forestry, industries, infrastructure projects, hospitals, laboratories, etc.).

> Negotiations with Environmental Agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Offices to celebrate and monitor the execution of Conduct Adjustment Terms and other judicial or extrajudicial agreements, to obtain reasonable terms and conditions.

> Legal Environmental regularization for rural and urban real properties.

> Administrative and judicial environmental litigation

> Legal analysis and evaluation of environmental liabilities, working closely to environmental technical consultants.

> Legal assessment and studies related to the implementations public policies and norm before environmental regulatory agencies and entities and advocacy projects.

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