Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, KLA is following the recommendations of social distancing from the Ministry of Health and the Health Secretary of the State of São Paulo to collaborate with the health and well-being of our collaborators and our society.

All of our members are working remotely, but we continue to attend our clients’ need with the excellency they deserve. All of our lawyers are available through the same e-mails, cell phones, office numbers and messages.
We from KLA hope you and your family are safe and well. Together we will overcome this challenging period.


More than law: partnering with your business.

KLA has set the benchmark in the legal services sector since it’s inception in 2002. As a full-service law firm, KLA follows a unique approach by which it applies legal expertise to the business needs of clients in a personalized manner, while always mindful of the conditions in the business sectors and industries within which clients operate. The firm is ably equipped to meet complex demands on an ongoing basis, thus delivering the desired outcome with legal certainty. Dedication and innovation aligned with technical and operational knowledge, award-winning service excellence recognized and referenced globally is evidenced in the international rankings by directories for the legal industry.

With a competent team of professionals able to manage the most diverse demands, KLA allocates the best team on a full-time basis to caretake every aspect of a client’s legal business requirements. Agility, efficiency and practicality form the cornerstones of KLA’s client relationships that are based on the core philosophy of trust in a partnership with clients.

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