Intellectual Property

Protecting intellectual property assets is essential to adding value and efficiency to business activities. In addition to providing effectiveness to the activities of organizations and enabling the development of innovative products and services, intellectual property assets have the function of identifying and differentiating your company and its products in the market.

KLA’s assistance will ensure that your trademark, patent, industrial design, software, know how, domains and any other intellectual property assets are respected and protected. Our team has extensive experience in advising clients around the world, with the purpose of providing specialized assistance in all operations before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) to ensure the successful registration of its intellectual property and its effective protection. Our team also has the necessary experience to protect and enforce intellectual property rights, whether through administrative procedures and/or judicial actions.


> Advice in all legal aspects relating to intellectual property assets and other intangibles, including company names, trademarks, distinctive signs, patents, domain names, industrial designs, geographical indications, copyrights, personality rights, trade secrets and confidential information

> Monitoring, protection and management of intellectual property aspects relating to the acquisition of rights, licensing and technology transfer, supply and distribution contracts, registration of -intellectual property before several agencies, including the  INPI, National Library Foundation Copyright Office, School of Fine Arts and

> Protection, management and registration of national and international domain names

> Alternative dispute resolution solutions involving domain names

> Management and protection of software and information technology

> Draft, review, negotiation and registration of technology transfer contracts, software licensing and/or assignment

> Draft, review and negotiation of agreements involving copyright, including editing, license and assignment contracts

> Analysis and structuring of alternatives and strategies for the protection of your intellectual property assets

> Development and implementation of strategies and actions to combat counterfeiting

> Legal Due Diligence of intellectual property assets

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