KLA takes pride in the fact that it represents a variety of clients in the Media & Entertainment, Advertising and Commercial Promotions business, including cinema chains, publishers, broadcasting television, producers, wholesales and advertising agencies.

Through our dedicated team, we assist our local and foreign clients in all matters and in all aspects related to these industries.the development of cultural incentive policies, structuring and negotiating incentive agreements, as well as representation in matter involving the National Cinema Agency (ANCINE). Our extensive experience in media law allows us to interact with all categories of media and media vehicles, especially in the preparation and negotiation of licensing and sublicensing agreements. We further advise our clients on production and co-production agreements, as well as in the process of negotiation involving artists and entertainers.


> Development of cultural incentive policies

> Legal structuring and negotiation of incentive agreements

> Representation before the National Cinema Agency (ANCINE)

> Drafting and revision of licensing and sublicensing agreements involving all categories of media and media vehicles

> Assistance on regulatory matters

> Drafting, review and negotiation of production and coproduction agreements

> Drafting, review and negotiation of agreements for artists and entertainers

> Assistance with commercial promotions including, without limitation, the preparation, and review of terms and conditions, structuring of promotional mechanics, representation before the Secretary for the Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery (SECAP), including in relation to the review and ratification of accountability.> Review of legal and regulatory aspects of advertising campaigns

> Assistance with defenses and proceedings before CONAR

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