Data Protection and Privacy

Privacy and data protection measures are crucial to promote an organizational culture based on the proper use of personal data and also to mitigate the inherent risks in business activities, which are in conformity with the new Federal Law No. 13,709/18, better known as the Brazilian Data Protection Law (“LGPD”). The emergence of new technologies and the development of new processes and services, have provided access to the personal data of users, from predictive analysis of service usage, credit and consumption scores to profile monitoring (profiling) and behaviors. Bearing in mind that the processing of personal data must be in adherence to the legal and technical aspects of the LGPD, it is necessary to assess an organization’s ability to manage data in compliance with the law, especially with regard to principles, legal provisions, the rights of the holders together with the technical controls and associated legal issues that must be implemented.

KLA has a designated and multidisciplinary team with the necessary expertise to assist our clients in the creation and development of privacy programs, in addition to preparing the requisite proof of compliance with Governance and Compliance as prescribed by law and in line with the best market practices. Our practice covers all sectors of the economy and highly specialized in meeting complex demands and providing customized solutions.


> Assistance in the creation and development of Privacy and Data Protection Programs (from the mapping to the implementation of the program)

> Draft, review and negotiation of agreements involving the processing of personal data

> Draft of Compliance Policies for Personal Data Protection

> Draft and, review of Personal Data Protection and Privacy policies

> Draft and review of Data Protection Impact Assessment Reports

> Assistance on the legitimate interest balancing test

> Draft and review of Privacy Policies and Privacy Notices

> Draft and review of internal Organizational Policies and Regulations

> Due Diligence analysis to ascertain legal compliance with processing of personal data


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